Saturday, December 29, 2007

TFL and Micro Music Invading Penang on 5+6th January 2008

We gonna rock the Island with more than 20 bands performing thier guts ou for thie two events. Hopefully This gonna be a turning point in atracting the crowd to Penang GIg.

Final Week of Year 2007

AHwww,..Its coming to the end. Such a miserable Year. A year thats best suit to be called "FuckTard". My kis is 3 years and 3 month old. I am going to be 34 in 4 months time. Times flies. Especially when you are getting older. I still remember years ago when I was in my early teens, wishing that the time will fly past me like a hurricane. I wanted to get older. I wanted to be 18. I wanted to go to the clubs. I wanted to buy ciggerettes and booze from the counter. Damn I wanted it all. hen I became 18,.and nothing much can be done as well. So I was waishing I could be 21 soonest. BUt nothing great as well when you turn to 21. And since then, I allways wanted the year to crawl slowy. But I feel the time fast quite fast.

I was at The Curve the other day with a fren. I was out because I had alotsa stuffs to handle that day. ALosta appointment and stuff. So after breakfast, to kill of the time. We came to a brilliant idea idea of watching a movie. Its the Cathay CIne Lisure If I am not mistaken. God Oh Goh. There was like nuemerous counters, but teh staffs manning it was like sloths. Ermm I think sloth moves faster than them. Ppl was quing like crazy and by the time we reach the counter, we already likek stand in the que for half an hour. There was also some dick heads who dont want to be in que and start approaching ppl in front to get for them the tickets. Inconsiderate bastards!! Bu the guy infront of us smile and still got them the tickets. This guy is a retard!!

We got our tickets and qued for the customry popcorn and soda. There was another 20 minutes wait and horror. We order our food and paid the bill and the only thing we got was a bill. We had to que again to go teh service counter to get our food. Good job anyway Cathay. YOu guys sucks!!! But the movie, " I Am Legend" was great. So everything is forgotten, BUt hey I am never gonna set my foot again on that particular cinema ever!!

Manchester united got beaten again by Westham United today. So thats 3 down back to back in the league for Man United. Shit,..And nowday everybody hates Man U...They dont care who plays against them. They will support the opposing teams. Too much jealousy..Well its rare than MAn United lose anyway,,So let them enjoy it for a while.

I will be leaving for Penang on the 3rd evening most probably via a coach. Hopefully I can get that nice NICE bus. Its looks nice and I am sure I will enjoy its ride and I heard the drivers are great too.

So what did I failed to do on 2007?? Plenty!!
  1. Dropped the first line up of TFL. Ebot Z, Sham, Darren, Palli & ALey. Thanks for teh valuable lesson.
  2. Dropped The second Line up of TFL. PakTam, Ant and JOe. Good Luck with Julies and Rockstar.
  3. Failed in releasing an album or EP on time for 2007.
  4. Bad gigs.
  5. Bad gigs organisation. BERSIH I hate you mutha fuckers with a veangeance.
  6. Delayed in Opening Micro Music Studio.

And thats just musically.

Personally, there was many failures as well and more regrets. I would be lying if I say that I dont regret bad decisions.

Positive stuffs this year was.

  1. Micro Music getting bigger, stronger and well known.
  2. More Gigs being planned.
  3. More Bands and ARtiste on the Band wagon.
  4. Instruments and Backline wise. The collection is almost full.
  5. Finally found a drummer who rocks.
  6. Made more songs and Finisihed the Japanese MAterials.
  7. Going Regional with Micro Music with Auto Band. Planning to bring in more Indon Bands under our wings.
  8. Networks.

Lives goes on yeah. Personally there was ups and downs this year. BUt overall, I am not happy with 2007. I could have done more.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

A. Do you prefer to sleep or talk to afriend when it gets boring in class?
Used to yack away

B. Do you wave hi with a smile or aserious face?-
a smile

C. One thing that you like about yourfriends?
All of them are useless bastards.

D. The last time you cried, is itbecause of someone?
Nope, its because of movies.

E. Chocolate ice cream or chocolatebar?
What teh fucking difference. It still gonna kill me.

F . Rudest thing you have done to yourteacher?
Told her to FUCK OFF!!

G. what's the good thing about school?
Once you reach 19, you dont have to go to that shithole again.

H. Last song u downloaded?

I. Which part of your body is itchy and aching now?
- Head is itchin and my legs are achin.

Worms or cockroaches?
Thats a moronic question. Next Please.

If you can have a choice, would youprefer to be friends or attached withsomeone you love now?

M. In one word, describe your day.

N. What website(s) have you opened?
Pleanty, staring with this blog.

P . What song are you listening to now?

The latest news you've received?
None, jus woke up.

R .Last thing you bought?
My Lunch yesterday.

S. Name 5 things you have around you.
My Handphone
My Wallet
My Business Bag
My Cheque Book

T. What can't you live without?
My Music.

U. Who can't you live withOut?
My Son.

V. State the date, day and time at themoment
14/12/2007, friday, 11.30am

W. What do people think when theyfirst meet you?
Fun and Talkative.

X. What color is your hair?
Dont have any.

Y . Natural /dyed?
Skin is kinda natural dont ya think.

Z. What was the last book you bought?
Cant really remember. Some Stephen KIng's I think.

Do you like answering surveys?
Nope, but it kills time.

BB. Last thing you did?
Fed My Son Milk.

Two things that people don't know about you.
I can be very mean and I can Manipulate.

DD. Are you a frequent user ofFriendster?
Everybody is talking about HINDRAF. Some are all on for them,, but most of us Hate em. But today I wrote a open leter from Prof. Chandra Muzzafar sucking up to goverment ASS. HOw low can you get. YOu an acedemian...So stop being there,,YOu want to be in NGOs okie,,Go Ahed,,Then you turned into a Politician and now you reacting like a whore. Your statement dont say JACK..because you aint Jack. Be loyal to one cause the next time okie. Enough of sucking up to the ruling coalation now. You used to be the opposition bitch.

Frankly I dont give a rat ass about your inclination, but try to stay Loyal you freak. What the fuck do you know about Indians and thier plights anyway. I am dead against HINDRAF but that doesnt mean, Indians are not fucked. They are destined to be poorer and marganilised.I am nottalking about Giverment not doing enough for them. What I am highlighting here is the Fucktards MIC. What teh Jack have they done anyway??

And, are born with silver spppon in your mouth. So dont try to compare yourself with others. And for the record you and your family are the types that agrees you guys are Indians. You guys claim to be Ceylonese. First of all lets stop living in harmony crap and start liveing in unison. Be united.

Indians are destined to be screwed by thier own kind. Punjabis or Sikhs dont adrees themself as Indians. They are Bangsa lain-lain (other). What you fucktard should understand is no matter who you are or what colour your skin is, if your fore father originated from India. YOu are doomed to be labelled as Indians. And Chandra my sweet freak, Indians official language is not Tamil. Most Indian originated people in this country are but not all. First of all, Indians should live in Unison in thier own community to achieve any starong hold in everything. For every successful Indian, there are 10 screwed up person living in some of our prison cells.

We as the entire community failed period. Nobody can blame the goverment of not doing that and this. To be continued....

Friday, November 30, 2007

Good, Typical, Bad and Not a Malaysian.

Okie. I think this is not taht important to write but what teh heck. This is my blog and I will die if I want to. I wanna talk about four type of personalities living in Malaysia. The Good Malaysian, Typical Malaysian, Bad Malaysian and Not Malaysian. I will try to give you guys examples of some senario and how this four type of personalities reacts to eact situation.

At The Restaurant, when you want to get the attention of the server to pay ya bill or to order something. You are a,
Good Malaysian: Calls out 'dik', 'abg', 'anne', thambi', 'taiko', 'boss' or 'pakcik'. You get the drift. The list can go longer.
Typical Malaysian: Calls out, 'kiraaaaaaa'.
Bad Malaysian: Eyes still transfixxed at ya drink or food, raise ya hands and whistle like a rat on heat, 'wruuuuutsttstswwwiiittt'.
Not Malaysian: YOu to pay for your meal or drinks before you consume it.

At Coffee beans or Starbucks, you are....
Good Malaysian: Order ya food or coffe (drinks), wait for your order, take whatever condiments that you need. get a sit, chat with ya buddies or tug into the WIFI and do your work.
Typical Malaysian: You dont go there because the max you willing to pay for a cup of Java is RM1.20 only.
Bad Malaysian: YOu to the condiment counter, take thier milk, sugar, chocolate powder, and cinnamon, order a FREE 'sky juice'. Sit somewhere remote add the chocolate powder to teh milk and make your won hot chocolate and use the WIFI to chat in MIRC or YM for hours. Free Internet what.
Not Malaysian: You buy a Latte TOGO and get to your office on time.

When you are reaching a traffic Light. You are a,...
Good Malaysian: Prepare to stop in case the light turns to yellow from green.
Typical Malaysian: Prepare to speed up incase the light turns to yellow from green.
Bad Malaysian: What traffic lights??
Not Malaysian: What driving. They dont drive here.

When you are jogging at the park and meet a stranger jogging the opposite side and approaching you. You are,....
Good Malaysian: Say hi or give salam and jog on.
Typical Malaysian: Dont Jog. So cant really tell.
Bad Malaysian: What Jog??
Not Malaysian: Smile and greet each other and keep on jogging with thier dogs. Stop to pick up thier dogs crap and dispose it accordingly.

When drinking at a pub. You are a,....
Good Malaysian: Know your limit. Dont over drink and never a nonsense to your buddies. Take a cab back home.
Typical Malaysian: Drink as much as they can if people are paying. Get stoned to the max. Puke everywhere. Refuse to let anyone drive. Drive by yourself and normally end up sleeping in some R&R along the highway. Get up in the morning and buy an MC for work.
Bad Malaysian: Pick up a fight with your best buddy. Smash a beer jug or two. Try to pick up up sumones wife or GF. Get intoa fight again. Call your entire neighbourhood. Make it a racial issue. Drive your best frens car and wreck it or you only drink in chinese restaurant with all the drama included because its cheaper to get drunk in a Chinese Restaurant.
Not Malaysian: You refuse to Pay RM15 on a glass of Red Wine and end up going to Langkawi and get wasted. Unless there are willing Malaysian ladies escort, you go to the poshest restaurant and order the finest wine and pay thru your AMEX Corporate card and report it stolen the next morning.

During a buffet. You are a,.....
Good Malaysian: Wait in line, get what you can eat and move as fst as possible so others can pick thier stuffs.
Typical Malaysian: Take three plates and stuff everything you possibly can. Put the plates on the tables and go again to fill up another plate of desserts.
Bad Malaysian: No time to use utensils. You use ya bare hands to pick up whatever you like while telling other. I just wash my hands.
Not Malaysian: Go to the buffet counter and come back empty handed because everything is finished.

When stopped by traffic police. You are a...
Good Malaysian: Say I am sorry. Give you excuse and hand over your ID and DL and get the summons and drive more carefully after that.
Typical Malaysian: Give mummy daddy excuse. Try your best to get out from getting a summon and end up bribing the officer.
Bad Malaysian: Give a crisp RM100 note to the officer while still talking on your mobile and eating rambutan in your car.
Not Malaysian: You say you have a Diplomat Immunity because you drive your friends DC plate car. Argue with the officer that you are on a very important diplomatic work and get out free. Because the officer doesnt understand anything in English.

To Be Continued.....If you guys wanna add up anything or want me to write about any situation pls. Send to my mailbox yeah.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mr. Joes and his Cool Dad

Today finally after all this time, I met one of my band members family member. Its JOe's Dad. He was one funky cool old man. Infact after PakTam told me about how he he used to Jamm with them. He impressed me more. He did gave some contructive critism which was well taken by the band as whole. The 'Orang Lama' actually kinow a stuff or two about music.

Hope to meet more family member of my band mates, because they have met everyone at my side.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Man United get fucked in Bolton

Okie,,okie,,,The goal was life a soft one. But Annelka did well to control it and score. Its not easy ya know. Anelka as allways he has been, was a thorn in United again. He been doing this since he was playing for Arsenal. Good play. Gotta say that BOlton deserve the goal, because they was just absolutely brilliant in the first half. Kevin Davies was an ass though. He almost got the marching oredrs after stupid tackles after tackles on Evra.

The second half, Man United was better though. Its pity that there are no good covers for Man United first Eleven though. Man United should spend more money to bring in more quality players to cover injuries. They really miss Rooney, Ronaldo and Scholes. Without this Three, Man United is like a team which best fit for the bottom half of the table.

Arsenal, Chelsea and even Liverpool are getting good results and Man United couldnt afford to miss points again. There are talks that Berbatov coming to Man United this January. There are also quite a ruckus at tehtransfer market that there will be a swap between Man United and Barcelona. The exect figure of money is not known but thre are talking about swapping Eto and Saha. And ofcoz Man United are expected to pay Barca a substancial moolah for this to happen. Ferguson is sick and tired of super croak Saha. He been on the sidelines with injuries more than the time he spend being well and playing.

Ronney will be available in two weeks time and Ronaldo will be back after this. Scholes still have a nother few weeks to be okie. Gary Neville is side lined eventhough he is okie now. This is due to teh brilliant performance after performance of Brown. Vidic is expected to be on for the next game. So during the busy period of December. Man United should be back with thier best line up. BUt Ferguson should know better and buy some good quality cover for a team which allways succumb to injuries.

Hope they play better next week and get the points. Long live Man United.